Real Estate Law

Our law firm provides complex legal counseling and representation related to real estate transactions. This activity goes beyond traditional and narrowly understood legal assistance: Our law firm does not only draft contracts on certain real estate transactions (sale and purchase, rental, option, etc.) according to the needs of the clients, but it also takes care of all legal-related tasks that arise in more complex and larger real estate development projects.

We provide high quality services in drafting and implementing real estate development proposals, in analysing the potentially arising legal risks, and in advising on the legal background of the given project in terms of taxes and duties.

We assist our clients in choosing the optimal form of implementation and in the implementation of the project.

As regards the implementation of real estate projects, we have great experience in drafting other related contract types: works contracts, cooperation agreements, contracts for the setting up and operation of a condominium, and potential land forming.

Our law firm provides legal representation in all the procedures required to carry out the transaction, before all competent authorities and bodies.