Our law firm provides services to clients in accordance with Act LXXVIII of 2017 on the attorneys’ activity

  • under a permanent retainer agreement, or
  • ad hoc retainer agreement


In our law firm, we mainly work under permanent (framework) retainer agreements and we continuously provide our services based on the different needs of our clients that arise during their operation.

In the course of our activities, in connection with daily tasks of our clients we act according to the requests for legal assistance, meaning that, amongst others, we draw up contracts and other deeds, give legal opinions or legal advice, perform risk analyses, represent our clients at courts/authorities/other bodies, and compile internal regulations and contractual terms.

The permanent retainer agreement is a great opportunity to get to know our clients’ activities, business goals, structure, needs, and expectations, and in a number of cases (e.g. the publication of new laws or amendment of existing laws, changes to certain practices) our law firm can proactively draw the client’s attention to certain issues or prepare the client for certain procedures.

In addition, this type of legal relationship offers a more diverse opportunity to get to know our clients’ mindset, which not only facilitates cooperation but also enables more complex and intensive advisory activities by our law firm.

Under ad-hoc retainer agreements, our law firm provides a given (specific) service defined by the client. In doing so, we perform all tasks related to preparing and implementing successfully a particular legal transaction/project according to the requirements of our clients, either in full or in part.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need more information about our services and terms.